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Adversity is defined in many different ways and varies with each scenario. Every person faces adversity throughout their life. Every trial and tribulation is another difficulty to be overcome. It is up to me to conquer my obstacles. Adversity includes challenges that range from the simple drama at school to life-threatening situations. An unfavorable situation results in adversity, and it is up to the person to determine the outcome. Adversity is inevitable in life. Everybody deals with the internal and physical struggles that accompany life and death. My journey began with the loss of my cousin Jake. He left behind his twin with only a year of life together. I remember to this day, laying on my couch when my mom walked into the…show more content…
I love football with a passion, and it has been stripped away from me four times. I have had four knee injuries, with one surgery that took ten months to recover. Going back to my 8th-grade year, while playing soccer, I jumped up to head the ball and I came down solely on my left leg. Four pops echoed through my body. The abrupt and painful pop was my knee cap sliding off and back onto my bone. It was my first knee injury and after consulting with a doctor, I planned on making a recovery and facing the adversity that was intertwined with the situation. After eight weeks of rehabilitation, it was high school football season again. The same injury happened during my 9th and 10th-grade year while playing football. Both times I knew what happened and was prepared to work hard for the next season. What I was not prepared for was going to Andrews Institute and being informed that a major operation was to be performed on my knee. The news of my surgery was devastating. My mind raced with what the consequence of an unsuccessful surgery might be… My football career is over. I got my act together and mentally prepared myself to face the challenge and make myself a better person. The surgery was a success that led me onto the dull and repetitive rehab for ten months. While pushing myself one repetition at a time, I learned how hostile and challenging adversity becomes. I overcame the adversity…show more content…
I had an outstanding first two games as the varsity starter with multiple solo tackles. Two practices after my second game, my knee cap dislocated for the 4th time. After telling myself I was quitting football for good at this point, I learned what true adversity was. Real adversity is when everything goes wrong, and you are not sure how much more you can take. After weeks of consideration, I decided that I was going to get back up after adversity knocked me down four other times. I am fighting every day in the weight room and in physical therapy to get my leg back to what it needs to be in hope of finishing the season. My knee problems are the biggest obstacle I have ever faced. I believe that every single challenge they have given me makes me who I am today. It is safe to say almost every day for the past three years have been filled with

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