Comparing Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men is a heartfelt film and book that portrays many differences between the two. The general idea of the film is two friends, Lennie and George, are trying to raise enough money to get their own farm. Because of this, they find work with many other men at a different farm. As they work towards their goal of getting a farm, they meet many new people, such as Slim, Curley, Candy, and many more. Many of the men on their farm are very bitter at heart, such as Curley. When Lennie is talking to Curley’s wife, Lennie ends up accidentally strangling and killing her. Because of this, he runs away back to where he feels is safe, a river at which George said to meet if he got into trouble. After that, George goes there, as directed by his coworkers, and shoots Lennie. Throught all of this, there are many moments that are different than in the book as in the film that help develop characters differently and changes events throughout the book. In the movie, a worker named Mike is shown approaching Slim and asks if he can change jobs because he is struggling to keep up with…show more content…
This changes how the reader is supposed to perceive Lennie, because it shows how little confidence he has in himself, and how bad he feels about what he has done to Curley’s Wife. He hallucinates about his Aunt Clara scolding him because of what he has done wrong, and for getting George into so much trouble. At this, he breaks down and cries, as he feels extremely bad for what he has done. Also, he hallucinated about a giant rabbit that mocked and made fun of him for thinking that he will be able to tend rabbits. This is meant to foreshadow what is to come, which is Lennie getting shot by his partner that was supposed to get rabbits with him. This was a very significant moment in the movie that allowed the reader to become closer to Lennie before he was going to get shot by his
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