Four Day School Week

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Should the school district impose a four day school week? The school district should not impose a four day school week because it shortens our breaks and ruins sport practices and interferes with extra-curricular activity. Although there are many benefits to a four day school week we must take time to consider and think about the negative impact it would have on people’s lives. Not only the lives of students nut also the lives of the teachers and staff. The school district should not impose a four day school week because it shortens our breaks. It shortens our breaks because we have less days a week therefore the penalty of that will be the district taking time off our breaks. Breaks such as summer break and winter week will reduce from 2 months to a month and a half and winter break from 2 weeks to one week. Breaks are short enough as it is I would hate to have are breaks get even shorter. Another negative impact a four day school week will have is school days will get longer. The longer the school days are the less time students have after school to do homework assignments and socialize. Also for student athletes it’s even worse because the…show more content…
School is very difficult students need more time to do their homework or class projects and still have time after to hang out with their friends. Also it allows students to miss less school because of family vacations and such things. Another benefit of a four day school week is for teachers. Teachers will have more time to plan their classes and work and teachers will stress a lot less because they have time to properly plan and organize their lessons projects due dates and grading periods. Teachers would have more time to grade papers and create lesson plans for new students and that will lead to more benefits it students learning. Better teaching methods will lead to an improvement in all students’

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