The Pros And Cons Of Book Banning

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What is book banning? When did it all began? What are book challenges? When books get banned from the public, it is going against the First Amendment. The First Amendment is the freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion. It is not right for someone to ban a book just because somebody does not think it is appropriate for certain people. You can choose to not read it but you cannot tell someone else that they cannot. Book banning is a form of censorship that attempts to control the thoughts and ideas of books that some groups in society believe to be harmful. In 1450, The printing press was invented creating a mass production and distribution of books. In 1650, the first book ban occurred in Springfield, Massachusetts. In the early 1920s, the banning,often burning, continued to go unchecked when existing standards were challenged. The most common book challenges today occur in school libraries and classrooms. Book challenges are started by parents who do not want their child/children to be taught different viewpoints. Book challenges and bans may be always be with us because there is going be someone who has a different opinion (“Book…show more content…
Amazon, Walmart, and Target sell books. These business have become a dominant force in book sells. Some argue that private industries do what they want and it is their decision to sell or not to sell certain books. Internet retailers have tremendous control over what products are sold. The internet makes it difficult to regulate the publications. There has been several cases involving the internet. One case was with Walmart in 2004 it was over the decision of not carrying Jon Stewart’s book America due to it offensive images. Amazon has had their share of attention too. They had an incident in April 2004 where their categorizes got messed up leading to protests because readers or authors could not find their books (“Book

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