All Year Round School Essay

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I think school should be all year so that kids do not have to look back and refresh their memory, they learned about the year before. A lot of time is being wasted in school, those first couple of weeks back from summer break thinking back on what they learned the year before. By school being all year it would keep all of this from happening. I believe if school was year round, students will learn more work. It also lets the students see their friends more and talk with other students. Some students may not like the idea, because kids like to see their friends all of the time and with them going all year they can. Plus, if they go all year they will get about a two week break every nine weeks. Which will result in students not being stressed…show more content…
When children learn, they need more than just black words in a book and that’s where other classes come in. Classes can really be help to the kids or students. Its not just a spot to learn or hang out, school can be a place away from home if you will, that kids relate with others of their kind. This is mainly the reason why I think school should be all year. More kids will be able to stay locked in on school and not just video games, and there will be way more breaks, but there shorter about 3-4 weeks and they don’t lose their memory of their school work and or anything they learned in school. Also, they should be able to have 2-4 week break for spring break. School should be all year, because if students go to school all year round it is more likely that the students will keep the stuff they have already learned over the past year. This is the main reason why school should be all year round. School should be all year round because, then students would not forget as much. Teachers wouldn’t forget as
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