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The 1960s were a unique time in history, from the bell-bottomed jeans of the 60s to the skinny jeans of the 21th century it is obvious of the drastic changes overtime. This was the year in which children were maturing and expending their influence and ideology onto the straightforward worldly culture. Schooling If one was to travel back in time and compare the different style of schooling back in the 1960’s and present years the changes could be said to be completely out of this world. Corporal punishment was a common form of discipline in schools in the early 60’s some of which included using the cane, flogging and birching. Flogging is when the disciplinary would use whips or sticks and a bunch of birch twig as formal punishment. The…show more content…
In order for designers to remain at the top they had to upgrade from the fashion statements of the 50’s into something more prominent and appealing. The early 60’s fashion was similar to that of the 50’s however the striking difference was the daring colorful clothing and the bold designs. The 60s became a year of change in the sense of fashion it eradicated the social need for the two clothing distinctions ‘formal’ & ‘casual’…show more content…
One such change was the pants became more constricting and it was considered to be sporty than the relaxed look that they were accustomed to, pea coats were also trending for men around the late sixties. Groups such as the Beatles promoting this style, the longer the Beatles hair was the more popular it would be for men, it was common to have the hair length around the shoulder. A loose scarf around the neck was also fashionable for men it would generally be small and tied like a loose tie. Entertainment The generation of today has advanced technology and many devices and equipment that can be used for entertainment at their disposal. However the 60’s were a different situation; the limited technology meant that youth would have to entertain themselves more often. “Watching television and going to the cinema/theaters with friends was a common form of entertainment for the 60s youth.” (Judith Clelland) Music was another way for the youth to find leisure; the 60s were composed of R&B, rock and hip-hop it was the year in which major changes occurred in the music industry. The most famous occurrence was the British invasion, which occurred from the mid-60’s when pop and rock music from the United Kingdoms and U.S.A became popular and virtually took over the music industries. Subculture

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