Food Service Training Plan

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TRAINING Since we will be employers, it is our duty to ensure that our employees are properly trained and they must know how to properly and sanitarily handle food. They must also be well-equipped with the basic competencies of customer service as well as food service. As stipulated in the Labor Code of the Philippines, it is incumbent for the employer to provide proper training for the employee in the industry and the health and safety aspects of the job. Cook Training Goals 1. To be familiar with the Vision, Mission, objectives, and Incorporated Values of the company 2. To be able to prepare a proper Cuban Sandwich with the standard that is set by the management 3. To be able to know how to safely handle the risks of the job 4. To be customer-friendly…show more content…
As he will be handling the products that will be served to the customer, he must be properly trained with the proper handling and sanitation of food. Since he is also part of the front lines, in order to increase the quality of the food service to the consumer, he must also learn to be accommodating to the need of the customer. His training will be overseen by the one of the managing partners, in order to ensure that the training that is needed will be properly administered. The duration of the training will be at a maximum of 4 weeks, and he will be assessed by examination of the things he learned, and tested in the sensitivity of the sauces and ingredients as well as evaluation of the…show more content…
He is also responsible of the inventory of stocks. Therefore, he should be trained in clerical duties as well as basic computing skills. He is also a part of the front liners which means he will be in direct contact with the consumer, he is then required to have good customer relation skills. His training will be overseen by the financial manager in order to ensure that he is properly knowledgeable in the handling of money as well as the stock and receipts that is needed for day to day operation of the business. The training will run for a maximum time of 4 weeks and he will be assessed using short examinations and be subject to evaluation from the trainer

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