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MANAGEMENT FEASIBILITY FORM OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION As a general partnership, ChixChops will be run by six partners, namely Mr. Van Arlex Agrimano, Ms. Nerileth Bocar, Ms. Mae - Ann Capariño, Ms. Mary Diana Kangleon, Ms. Vanessa Aira Laviña and Ms. Hannah Maria Solis. Ms. Bocar and Ms. Kangleon are responsible for Planning and Strategy including the resources needed for the development of effective strategies. Ms. Laviña and Ms. Solis are responsible for Marketing and Sales which include print advertising, online marketing through the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are also in charge for the customers concern regarding the products and service quality. Mr. Agrimano and Ms. Capariño are responsible…show more content…
The partnership will be run by six (6) partners namely: Van Arlex Agrimano, Nerileth Bocar, Mae-Ann Capariño, Mary Diana Kangleon,Vanessa Laviña and Hannah Maria Solis. The proponents chose Partnership as their type of business due to its advantages. First, the combined strength of two or more individuals is a clear potential for the success of the business. Compared to Corporations, Partnership is subject to fewer regulations. While compared to Sole Proprietorship, Partnership has a greater potential of access to greater amount of…show more content…
Space to Rent ChixChops will rent a space at Tejeros Convention Rosario Cavite near Tejeros Convention Elementary School and Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). This place is along the highway, visible to see and near to their suppliers. The rent expense is about Php 10,000 monthly. F. Acquisition of Furniture and Fixtures, Equipment, Tools, and Raw Materials The appropriate equipment, tools and raw materials that are needed for the business will be purchased from the right suppliers. The proponents want to ensure that the business will provide high quality products and services that will comply with the standard and satisfaction of the customers. The furniture and fixtures that will be used must be appropriate in the interior design of the business. G. Advertising, Hiring and Training of Personnel ChixChops will be advertised using tarpaulins, leaflets and social media accounts. During this period, the business will also look for qualified people to undergo an interview and training orientation. The business will hire four (4) staffs and one (1) manager to facilitate the business. H. Start of Normal

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