Community Pizza Executive Summary

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Introduction Community Pizza is a start-up business that specializes in frozen pizza made from local organic ingredients. The company will infiltrate the frozen foods industry with high quality frozen foods. Community Pizza will also form distribution channels through supermarkets specialized in organic foods. Community Pizza also plans to participate in the $321 billion food industry by supplying gainful employment within economically challenged geographic locations. Environmentally sound principles will be utilized in production of the pizzas as well as packaging. Instituting at least one strategic alliance with a national brand name in organic consumables, Community Pizza expects to easily reach and possibly exceed the financial forecasts.…show more content…
The initial $25,000 will be provided by investment capital. Situation Analysis Community Pizza is currently in the development stage. Marketing will be critical to generate significant demand for the products. Once established, innovative restaurant equipment including pizza ovens and walk-in freezers will be needed in order to keep up with market demand. Market Summary Community Pizza has obtained adequate information about the market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of the target customers. This information will be leveraged in order to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how Community Pizza can best communicate with their customers. Market Needs Community Pizza will provide its customers with wholesome convenience foods for a good cause. The products will be one of the first to market ingredients seldom found in competitors’ products. Community Pizza seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers. Innovative features- there are many frozen pizzas on the market, customer demand innovation as a competitive…show more content…
Community Twist- This adventurous line of pizzas include culinary creations not found anywhere else. Each month, our chefs will invent a new pizza topping and distribute locally to gauge consumer reactions. These creations will range anywhere from “Thanksgiving Extravaganza” to “Chocoholics’ Hazelnut Delight”. To enhance the existing line, Community Pizza is continuously researching innovative machinery to create a more productive atmosphere and ensure that high demands are met on a continuous basis. Community Pizza will also pursue supplier relationships with large nationally-branded pizza manufacturers, to customize the products to their machines. This would enable Community Pizza to supply higher quantities to national companies and allow them to brand the pizzas with their product lines. As Community Pizza increases their presence in the frozen food business, they will continuously search out products to expand the existing line. A key component of this will be the feedback from the customer

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