Persuasive Essay On How To Gain Weight

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Looking for HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT? Yes, HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT MUSCLE. In the health, fitness, and nutrition world, achieving optimal or desired body weight is dominated by a single theme: losing weight. The vast majority of products and services available on the market proclaim to achieve weight loss goals, and even the (often discordant) medical community is in general harmony when it comes to promoting weight loss options, including drugs and some surgeries.The Problem of Gaining Weight The saying “a little information is a dangerous thing” applies quite dramatically to the problem of gaining weight. * Misinformation stems from poor quality information, including anecdotal data that has no scientific basis, which leads people to attempt implausible and…show more content…
The most effective kind of strength training for “our” needs, involves free weights. A typical strength training program for weight gain all almost always includes compound free weight lifts like squats, bench press, shoulder press, pull-ups (wide grip), and dips. More training does not equal more muscle. Many people have the will and desire to start a weight gain program; at least, they do for the first few times. Where motivation makes – or breaks – a weight gain program is when it comes to monitoring progress and maintaining muscle gain. The key to successful weight gain lies fundamentally in one’s ability to follow-through with a program, and to stick with it, while at the same time making appropriate adjustments to exploit gains, and avoid disappointment. Ultimately, if the nutrition and strength training components are in place, achieving weight gain goals are merely a matter of time and effort; and that is where motivation plays it’s most important

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