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Crew Resource Management History and Development. Crew Resource Management is a method created to optimize human and crew performance by reducing the effect of human error through the use of all resources, including people, hardware (technology) and information (process) to solve problems. CRM was developed as a response to new insights into the causes of aircraft accidents which followed from the introduction of flight recorders and cockpit voice recorders into modern jet aircraft. Information gathered from these devices has suggested that many accidents result not from a technical malfunction of the aircraft or its systems, nor from a failure of aircraft handling skills or a lack of technical knowledge on the part of the crew; it appears instead that they are caused by the…show more content…
Each successive generation was enhanced to build upon the successes and lessons learned. Following are overviews of each generation. First Generation: Cockpit Resource Management The first CRM programme was initiated by in 1981 by United Airlines. The programme itself was rather psychological in nature with heavy focus on psychological testing and general concepts such as leadership. Advanced interpersonal behavior was also a major focus but unfortunately this interpersonal behavior did not advocate any sort of cockpit behavior. Second Generation: Crew Resource Management Second-generation programs emphasized cockpit group dynamics, team dynamics and led to a name change, from "Cockpit" to "Crew" Resource Management. The expanded training included new topics such as team building, briefing strategies, situational awareness, and stress management and featured distinct modules on decision making and breaking error chains that can cause catastrophe. These refinements were intended partly to address pilots' resistance to first-generation programs, but also to translate abstract concepts into everyday operational

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