Hester Should Be Allowed To Keep Pearl Essay

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A child is a huge responsibility but they are one of the biggest blessings a person can endure. Being the mother of a small child is a big deal but when given the opportunity to fulfill this task you learn from the experiences. Though Hester had Pearl out of an act of sin, she is not the only guilty party. Not only is having a child a great blessing but can also be somewhat of a punishment if one is not ready to complete the things needed to take care of a child. I believe that the Mayor should allow Hester to keep Pearl because Pearl is all she has, Hester would be taught responsibility, and Hester is the only person Pearl has to rely on. To start, Hester should be allowed to keep Pearl because she is the only thing she really has in the world. Hester has been dubbed the town adulteress. With this title, comes a lot of shame and pressure. Hester has to stay on the right track and not commit any further crimes and try to ignore the hateful things being said about her. Being hated and battered all around town, the only sense of security Hester has is her child.No family or friends to suppor her, Hester looks at Pearl day to day and sees her future and the things she can teach her.…show more content…
Having a baby is a big deal. Not only would Hester have to make sure Pearl avoids growing up and doing the sames things she did, but she would be able to learn through her child. Seeing her baby grow would exenuate all the mistakes that she could make, doing those things with a baby would bring out the seriousness of her actions. Pearl could be a learning tool for Hester to be a grown up and not slump down to childish levels committing actions that are highly frowned upon. Being shown responsibility through a small child would make Hester realize that she should be a role model. Pearl would also be able to learn from the actions of her mother and see the wrongs and rights of her

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