Food Service Department Case Study

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First of all, we went to the food service department in the hospital to meet the manger and ask him some questions about the operation of the food service department. There were a lot of information that we discussed with the manager such as the number of the snack, and they provide 150 types of snacks to the patients. For the regular patients, they provide snacks for them only if the doctor asks for that. On the other hand, they provide four types of snacks to the oncology patients every days, and three types of snacks for the diabetic patients. Moreover, the standardized recipes that they use in the food service department are from many references such as Arabian book and European book. Her I will explain some of the information and my observations:…show more content…
• Legumes were in containers or boxes that above platform to prevent the moisture. • They apply the role of first in first out (FIFO). • They use metal shelves to arrange the goods, and they put the less heavy things on the top to protect the workers. • (Pest control) they have schedules to make sure that there is no insect and…show more content…
I observe that the place was narrow, and the workers do not move in a comfortable way. Refrigerated storage : There are refrigerators for the meats, vegetables, salad, and each refrigerator has a schedule to check the temperature every 6 hours for four times a day, and the temperature should be 41 F or below. Also, each item in the refrigerator has a date to apply the role of (FIFO). In my opinion, it is a good thing to check the temperature every day because that will help to control and prevent the contamination of the food, but unfortunately, I observe that there were only two refrigerators, and it is not enough. Frozen storage : • They use the frozen storage for the perishable food, and he temperature should be 0 F to -10 F. • They play the role of FIFO through dating the items. • Properly wrap food to prevent freezer burn. • Foods that absorb odors must be stored away from those that give off odor. One of the ways that they use to insure the high quality of the food is the check of the temperature which has two ways. One of them is daily check( every 6 hours) that they use to check the temperature of the air, and the other one is monthly check to check the act of the

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