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Nutrition plays a significant role in fetal and newborn brain development. lack of micronutrients affects the everyday life of billions of people. Malnutrition caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.it also called hidden hunger. Hidden hunger is a growing problem that affects both the developing and the developed world. Malnutrition during first 1,000 days of life is a basically irreversible, burden for a child. During first 1,000 days of human life lasting from conception until the second year of life, is very critical period for growth and development. Hidden hunger during this period caused many problem for human life. This book describe the causes and consequences for of hidden hunger during the 1,000 days of life, as well as possible…show more content…
Poor nutrition in early infancy leads to undernutrition. The reasons for poor nutrition are multifaceted and interventions against it .one of the case study shows child malnutrition and infant and young child feeding practice in Cambodia. Nutritional transition has consequences for several areas, including health environment, culture, society and economics. One major change regarding people health next to other noncommunicable diseases are increase. This problem explains in this chapter with example in Tanzania and Kenya. Moreover, the breast feeding has an important role in the prevention of deferent forms of childhood malnutrition, wasting, stunting, underweight and micronutrition deficiencies. this chapter reviews breastfeeding beneficial for children health, growth and development and it has a significant role in the prevention malnutrition. The fourth chapter engages with the consequences of hidden hunger.one case study shows vitamin A is essential for brain development and it effect on depressing learning and memory. as well as micronutrient interventions have a very positive effect on public health. most micronutrient policies established by the WHO recommendations. This chapter discuss fundamental questions underlying micronutrient intervention policies that are which micronutrient should be delivered, when, how, and to whom? Moreover,…show more content…
Talk about the second international conference on nutrition organized by food and agriculture organization and word health organization.it explain international food and nutrition policy .it was a high level intergovernmental meeting that focused global attention on addressing malnutrition in all. Conference clearly recognized the problem of hidden hunger and slow progress in addressing it.one article discuss genetically modified organisms and future global nutrition supply and impact of GM crops three levels. Undoubtedly, at the micro level biofortification offers a real opportunity to enhance the availability of micro nutrients. And also, strategies are working but there are limited by uneven social and political acceptance. furthermore, this chapter discuss a systematic partnership to reduce vitamin A deficiency in Tanzania. The strategic Alliance for the fortification of oil and other staple foods (SAFO) has been affective in combining the respective strengths of public and private sector actors to tackle the development challenge of vitamin A deficiency.in addition, this chapter discuss genetically engineered crops and certified organic agriculture for improving nutrition insecurity in Africa and south Asia. this article analyzes the potential impact pathways from agricultural production to nutrition. It also demonstrates public and private partnerships for the nutritional problems and given examples

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