Case Study: The Florida Health Department

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Florida Health Department The website that I was interested in researching was the Florida Department of Health. The Florida department of Health was established in 1996 by the Florida Legislature. The Florida health department central office is stationed in Tallahassee, Florida where it is led by a State Surgeon General named John H Armstrong, who works as a Health Officer and was approved to work as a Surgeon General by Governor Scott. This Health department has an estimated $22.9 billion dollar program that offers Medicaid to about 3.48 million Americans, and has over 40,000 health care facilities. Furthermore, the primary mission of the Florida Department of Health is to be the healthiest state ever and to promote the health of all people in the world, and inform the public and communities on different…show more content…
In addition, The Florida Health department has three roles that they want to continue to promote, and that is Health Protection, Disease prevention, and Health treatment. When protecting the Health of others the Florida department tries to prevent contamination of the air, water, food, and ground because it can cause a serious illness or even death. However, the disease prevention program tries to stop the transmission of diseases and immunize people against other diseases. Also, the other role that plays a big part is health treatment, because it helps those who are unable and less fortunate to afford treatment for medicine or health care services. The sources that is available that the Florida Health department offers is data on immunization, EMS data systems, annual cancer reports, The Eforcse, and many more. An immunization survey is something that they offer to adults on feedback, which provides information on health data and other vaccinations. Another source the Florida health department offer is EMS data systems where they receive health information to find out what needs to be improved and making sure that all Florida

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