Advantage Of Customs Policy

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Currently the customs policy is a big advantage for all companies that fall within the European territory, allowing them to cover a huge market and get their products to thousands of kilometers and a large number of cultures totally different from a certain company could not imagine that could get and where they can find a blue ocean for their business. To this the great advantage of freedom of tariffs within the territory adds, why it is so beneficial this policy for businesses and thanks to it makes the European Union a major negotiating bloc with a great capacity for negotiation with other great powers when making treaties. Europe is currently living in a state of negotiation of a new treaty with another great world power like the United…show more content…
Customs operate as the primary defense mechanism against the type of goods classified as dangerous within our community, and the trafficking of illegal goods. They make a fight against fraud, as well as terrorism and delinquency to protect the European population. This customs policy, was certainly one of the first achievements of the EU, and as a result of this great achievement we see as still in force in our territory. The countries that joined the treaty agreed to apply the same taxes on all imports to be carried to other countries in the world outside this union. In conclusion the customs union acts protecting the domestic market of the community, circulate goods freely and without restrictions within the territory, benefiting residents of the union, as they can access any type of merchandise that is not produced or is of the nature of its territory without additional cost. This measure also affects all types of investment to get executed within the European…show more content…
These beginnings were not easy, was in 1994 when Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands began a series of negotiations to establish the Benelux Customs Union, but it was not until 1948 when the regulations came into force. The impact of this standard and its positive developments made in 1951 will be added to Germany, France and Italy project. The result of these three new countries to the Benelux association gave rise to what is commonly known as the ECSC; the European Coal and Steel Community, whose aim was to establish free trade in the sectors of coal and steel, which was intended to create a more competitive market, more economical while a seamless supply prices. This association laid the groundwork for the project of a customs union between all member countries at the end of the decade. It was finally in 1957 with the Treaty of Rome when the customs union was established as an essential foundation of the European community. Finally the customs union the July 1, 1968, a year and a half was established earlier than scheduled. It was the time of inclusion of the Common Customs Tariff and by deleting those previously in

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