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PAGES: 044 - 045 [HEADLINE] CONSUME THIS, CURE THAT! / THE FOOD REMEDY [SELL] [10 COMMON BATTLES YOU CAN WIN WITH FOOD] or [Get your natural fix from nature’s cabinate.] [BYLINE] NATALIE KIMANI [PULLQUOTE] Your kitchen holds many a secret that could cause relief. Food may satiate hunger but it can also be used for self-medication; and not in the chocolate-binge kind of way. Many of the daily issues women go through can be aided through the natural goodness such as vitamins and minerals, that are found in whole foods. Ms. Polyne Mburu, Nutritional and Lifestyle Counselor, gives us expert advice on how our food can be our medicine too. The problem: Flatulence Food solution: Lemon juice. Chamomile and peppermint. Ginger. Water Why this…show more content…
The Problem: Insomnia Food solution: Figs. Dates. Beans. Do not take caffeine, fatty foods, sugar salt MSG cheese, bacon, chocolate or wine before bed. Why this food works: Figs, dates and beans contain the amino acid tryptophan which promotes sleep. Best way to take it: figs and dates can be eaten as dried or fresh fruit. Beans should be cooked thoroughly and enjoyed four to five hours before bedtime. The Problem: Migraines Food solution: Any fresh fruits and veggies. Low protein foods Why this food works: Fresh fruits and veggies will help one keep the blood sugar stabilized. Low blood sugar has been known to trigger migraine headaches. These foods also aid in proper blood circulation. Good to note that food allergies are frequently the cause, so monitor your body reactions after different food consumption. Best way to take it: Fresh is always best. Eat every day if…show more content…
About 1-2 tablespoons daily. If you can’t do free oil, then sprinkle about 2-3 tablespoons of ground flax seeds on your meals. Always grind the seeds yourself, do not buy already ground seeds chances are the seeds may be rancid. B complex rich foods such as brown rice, oats, and pastas help too. Foods high in Beta Carotene such as carrots are very helpful. A good helping of Brazil nuts rich in selenium keeps the deficiency away. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of Zinc. Why this food works: Flax oils provided unsaturated fatty acids to a body that is deficient and keeps itching of dry skin away. Selenium helps prevent the death of skin cells and epidermal irritations. Beta Carotene an antioxidant, helps heal damaged skin. Zinc restores skin integrity Best way to take it: Raw seeds and nuts is best way to consume them. Drink at least 1 cup a day of carrot juice and eat or drink the flax oil that is first cold press. The Problem: memory loss Food solution: Foods rich in B complex vitamins, Amino acids and Anti-oxidants. These are the complex carbs such as whole grains. Amino acids sources are, lean protein sources and also legumes. Antioxidant sources are blue berries, pomegranates, popcorn (go easy on the grease, air popped is best) strawberries,

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