Food Deserts Problem

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Food Deserts Aren’t the Problem In our lives, there are numerous sicknesses caused by the kind of food that we eat because more often healthy food costs more. For this reason, majority of the people especially those who have low income cannot afford to consume healthy food. All these sentiments are attributable to the work of Gilligan in the article who observes that poor people are prone to contracting diseases as a result of eating unhealthy food. Studies show that people in the poor class category live shorter lives compared to the normal person, and such food can cause death. According to Heather Tirado Gilligan, in the article, “Food Deserts Aren’t the problem,” the provision of healthy food to low-income neighborhoods would not make them…show more content…
She has been the Senior Editor of the California Health Report since 2013 and was an Associate Editor for the California Health Report from 2012 to 2013. From the above areas of specialization, it is clear that the author has more experience to know her argument very well. The author starts her article by providing a story that describes how poor people are less knowledgeable about healthy food by drawing a picture to the reader’s minds the situation that makes her claim. Moreover, this is a very effective way to start any discussion to make sure that the audience is in the same chapter with you instead of giving just a claim without any introduction or real picture. The author uses pictures to describe the real situation because the type of her article is hard to convince people without strong reasons that attract people’s attention to the real…show more content…
She explains that providing healthy food to the poor people has no impact on their healthy diets, and she further explains the reaction of the poor people to the healthy food close to them. She notes that there is no much difference or connection between bringing healthy food closer and the subsequent consumption by the low-income people. Gilligan used these smart ways to establish the claim and show the position of other people towards her argument, which is the fact that healthy food is not the problem. In order to make her explanations understandable, she appreciates numerous studies and works such as that in the Archives of Internal Medicine done in 2011. In this study, it is explicit that no connection exists between access to grocery stores and healthful diets of the people. The study was done using 15 years’ worth of data consisting of more than five thousand people in five cities. Additionally, the study carried out in 2012 revealed that the local food environment did not have any influence on the diet of the middle-school children in

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