What Cause: The Main Causes Of Food Poisoning?

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Do you ever wonder why you may get sick after a simple meal or snack? Every year thousands of people suffer from food poising, which is an unbearable and devastating bacterial infection. Food poisoning can cause short-term and the long-term health problems related to contamination, undercooked food, and unreliable food sources. To begin with, one of the main causes of food poisoning is contamination which can cause short-term and long-term health problems. Contamination can range from bacteria still being present in the food despite cooking or the food not being handled properly. By food not being prepared correctly person while making the food can result in contamination as well. For example leaving raw meat out for number hours can cause the bacteria to multiply and a person may not be aware of that and still cook it which can…show more content…
Unreliable food sources can range from unknown food manufacturers to local farmers markets. Contamination in this sense can happen from using tainted water to not properly washing off the viruses that are carried on the surface of the produce. Local farmers markets are a prime example of an unreliable food source. To most the local farmer markets seem to be safe because there are no added chemicals, but there can still be possible contamination. With previous experiences with food poisoning, the farmers market seem to be a safer route to follow. After buying local fruits and vegetables, I became very ill once again. Not understanding how the safer option put me in this situation again I went back to gardener from whom I bought the produce from I came to find out that his last batch of vegetables had been washed in contaminated water without his knowledge at the time of selling his products. From local gardens to farmers markets both have the same capacity to make contamination a possibility with their produce just like any well-known food

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