Food Desert Research Paper

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Introduction In this research, I plan to explore the root of the food desert problem seen in Baltimore city, specifically in areas, which are known to be predominately African American or have low socio-economical class. Historical and political economy perspectives are essential in order to fully understand root cause of an issue. The historical background of Baltimore has highly contributed to the marginalization of minorities and only certain neighborhoods being exposed to low access to healthy and affordable food. In addition to this, I explore the impacts of neoliberalism and commodification of food and its contribution to the food desert problem in Baltimore. Food stores and services are channels, which are implemented to fulfill the…show more content…
According United States Department of Agriculture, low access to supermarkets is highly correlated to neighborhoods and households with income inequality, segregation, transport infractions and housing vacancies (“United States Department of Agriculture…”). This neighborhood is predominantly (87.1 %) African American (Ames 3 ) surrounded by neighborhoods such as Fells point and little Italy, which are predominantly Caucasian, neighborhoods. Perkin heights are also the only neighborhood near the inner harbor that has been affected by food deserts. The neighborhood has a lower household income, higher poverty rate and low educational attainment in comparison to Baltimore city (Ames 3). A Perkins height also has a greater numbers of fast food restaurants, carryout and corner stores compared to Baltimore city. This shows the existence of disproportional distributions of resources present…show more content…
This is problematic because the majority of foods produced are not used and sold in grocery store. Instead, largely produced crops such as corn are used for livestock feed, production of fast food, oil, starch and many other products. Corn is highly utilized in the production of fast-food and other unhealthy meals. As a result the industry makes less nutritious foods very cheap and accessible instead of wholefoods, especially in urban areas (Heynen 305). This as a result highly contributes to the food desert issue. Most large grocery stores have left the inner city areas in order to find business somewhere else by merely focusing on economical benefits (Heynen This results in certain people living in this communities being negatively impacted by the issue. Thus, residents living in food desert areas have turned to whatever type of food, which can be accessed

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