Spirituality Reflection Paper

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Spirituality is derived from the Latin word Spiritualis and according to Wikipedia, refers to certain kind of activity through which a person seeks meaning, especially a "search for the sacred". At the very mention of words like 'sacred' and 'spirituality', people often mentally conjure up an image of religion. To me, religion and spirituality aren't the same. Religion is just another way to satiate the human spirit. That ladies and gentleman, is all I know about spirituality. My education has conditioned me to think rationally and analyze logically. When I listen to people passionately talking about their experience of introspection or finding more about themselves or the larger truth as they call it, it baffles me to no end. I have never…show more content…
It was instilled in me to put my faith on that higher being in times of turmoil. I was also conditioned that success or failure didn't matter as it was all destined by that very higher being. There came a time when what I experienced and read, forced me to question whatever I was taught. In fact, much to my own disbelief I began to wonder if I was turning into an atheist. It wasn't simply possible for someone who chanted all sorts of slokas for an hour daily to turn into an atheist overnight. There was obviously a rational explanation this shift in my thought process. That is exactly when this conversation happened. I questioned my self as to why I chanted these slokas. I reasoned that the slokas had a rhythm and simply helped me slow down my thought process which was spinning out of control in times of tension and turmoil. It dawned to me that religion and spirituality weren't same. It made absolute sense when I realized that my religion and its practices were just another means to collect my thoughts and motivate myself to hang in there in spite of the storm in my

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