Essay On Obesity In America

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Obesity is a major health problem in America and each year the chances of someone getting obese is high. The thing most responsible is the fast food industry, it seems to be growing with ideas to earn more money off the people that consume the fast food. The more people consume what the fast food industry has out there, is a greater chance that you will become obese from all the fast food you consume. Not just the food industry has fault in this, but also the government, and the consumers. It is the responsibility of not only the consumer, also the government, and the fast food industry to try and the lower the percentage of people being obese in the United States and in other countries. The parents are responsible for feeding their children…show more content…
Someone who is not aware of what is going on when they decide to super size it will only focus on how cheap the price is for a meal and not focus on how much calories they will be consuming. Just by adding a small amount the frenchise will be earning more even if it is just a quarter. In It’s Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat by Shannon Brownlee it says “Only 20 cents goes towards the food and the rest goes towards expenses”. They only care about how they can profit more when someone buys a meal and adds a slight amount of money to it. All they think of are ways for consumers to buy more of their food not how much all that unhealthy food it will affect them. The fast food industry only focuses on ways to get their money and try to find ways to manipulate people just to get more money from consumers. “It is the fast food industry that manipulates people to get food they do not need” in Bad Food Tax it, and Subsidize Vegetables by Mark Bittman. It is an example that the fast food only wants peoples money and will find any way to get it even if they somehow have to manipulate them. The fast food industries only wants people to focus on all the money they will be saving if they just add a little more money towards their

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