Essay On Junk Food

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"Junk food" comes into sight as a pessimistic phrase which is the production of modern society. While the fact is that most people do not care about the endangerment to health at all. What’s more, the expanding of "junk food" brings detriment to both personal health and the whole country. Mexico's Health Minister Mercedes Juan said "obesity and diabetes are affecting school and work performances, and with it, the country's economic competitiveness"[2]. Therefore, it is essential for each country to adopt measures restricting its expansion, and taxing as an economic mean must be the best choice because of its benefits: relieving health problems, bringing consequential society benefits, and increasing fiscal revenue. According to these,…show more content…
As we all know, "Junk foods" are high in fat and sugar which causes obesity and diseases, and different throngs suffer different levels of damage from "junk food". For an adult, "junk food" brings them obesity and chronic diseases. In 2013, a report by the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization said that “32.8% of adult Mexicans are obese[2].” Actually, as long as we observe the people surrounding us, we can find that obesity rates are rising continually. What's more, many companies do not want to employ the obese because of trouble. Just like Mercedes Juan 's saying, obesity and diseases not only affect your body, but also hinder your career. For a child, "junk food" plays a more vicious role. Child experts say that "junk food" can make children retarded growth. For instance, affecting height, destroying intelligence and even making “sexual precocity”[4]. For those "junk food" fanatics, it is like a slow poison. Both physical problems and spiritual problems will lead to the door of death. In brief, "junk food" has no benefits and everyone should abandon it. Taxes on it will be effective on relieving health problems through restricting purchasing. So it should be approved by
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