The Epidemic Of Hunger In America

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Hunger is an ongoing epidemic that has been going on in America for a very long time. There are millions of American people and families living without the adequate amount of food in their day to day lives. There are many reasons for this issue in America. One of the leading causes is poverty. There are many people and families who have below average income, that have an extremely hard time attaining food for themselves. Reasons for this might be the reflection of a poor job and too many family members. Jobs that do not pay enough make it hard for people to consistently provide for themselves and loved ones. The effects of poverty is also a major cause of hunger. “Children that grow up in poverty stricken areas suffer more persistent, frequent,…show more content…
Rising prices for food along with inadequate pay from a bad job, is a bad combination. Rising food prices can be caused by droughts, increasing oil prices and the escalation of food prices in other parts of the world during trade. “There’s no deny that is the price of food rises in the rest of the world, it will also affect prices in the United States”. For example when there is bad crops being produced in America, we can only assume that cost will inflate throughout the rest of the world. As a result of these rising food prices, where food security is not what it could be in foreign countries. Prices tend to increase on imports bought by the United States. Increased prices on food makes it harder for people in poverty to have food accessible to them when they do not have a lot of…show more content…
Examples of this are needed repairs on your transportation to and from work. Expensive doctor bills that possibly can put you into debt, and taking care of an elderly family member. These are all variables that contribute to hunger in America. Americans can be just above the poverty line, and still not have the adequate amount of food in their possession. Families who live so close to the poverty line often have to make major sacrifices in order for them to live in a sheltered environment. Such as selling their transportation for grocery money, or to pay their bills. In order for them to buy food families often have to make vital trade-offs between food and other

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