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According to , the act of volunteering is defined as, “to offer oneself for some service or undertaking,”. This definition is an understatement. It underestimates the impact one act can do to a person in need. It underestimates the bonds that are formed through volunteering. It underestimates how it can change someone, not only for the betterment of themselves, but also for their community in which they are trying to give back to. I know this because I am that person. Volunteering has helped me grow as a person. It has taught me that one person can make a difference. It’s funny that one’s spark of understandment can originate from anything, even a rejection letter. My spark for volunteering originated two years ago, the day my school’s NHS letters arrived in the front office. I was a sophmore at the time and I’ve always wanted to be a part of the National Honor Society. I was in the top 5% percent of my class, and was involved in countless school activities. With this in mind, I knew that I was going to receive an acceptance letter. That is when fantasy crashed with reality. As I opened up my letter, I realised that I didn’t get in. As I read, I was questioning why I wasn’t accpeted. That…show more content…
While searching for voulnteer work, my mother offered me a volunteer opportunuity that involved baking cookies and distributing them out to the homeless in downtown Des Moines. The volunteer organization that was in charge of distributing the baked goods was a local non-profit known as Urban Bicycle Ministries. Desperate in trying to find hours, I decided to whip out a cookbook and start baking. After hours upon hours of measuring, mixing, and baking, I ended making roughly 3 dozen sugar cookies that were to be distributed across downtown Des Moines. The following day, with my baked goods packaged in plastic baggies, I faced the fresh December breeze and stepped
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