Role Of Working Capital Management In India

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INTRODUCTION Working capital management is typically seen as the managing the money. Working capital management is one of the business firms and it is an economic activity concerned with the production and sale of goods and services for the purpose of earning profit. Broadly defined, working capital management is a life and blood of a business firm. Working capital management concerned with problems that rise in attempting to manage current asset, current liabilities and the exist between them. Today, co-operative societies are found in rural as well as urban areas. In rural areas they are known as primary credit societies and in urban areas, they are known as co-operative banks. Working capital management is the processing fabrication…show more content…
S Muhnot M.D & CEO Shri. Narendra singh Shri . C.VR. Rajendran Dr.D.S. Patel Dr. N.K.Drall R.C Agrwal R.K .Gupta R.L Saydiw Company Secretory S.U.Deshpande BACKGROUND Bank of Maharashtra ( BoM ) was registered on September 16 ,1935 with a capital of Rs 10 Lakh. It has a vision to reach a business level of Rs 85,500 crore, to increase ATMs upto 500, to introduce internet banking, mobile banking and phone banking. NATURE OF BUSINESS CARRIED Bank of Maharashtra is Pune based one of oldest small sized private sector banks in India with a network of 1,375 branches. The nature of business carried by bank of Maharashtra. VISION & MISSION Vision : To carry on the business of loans and advances, to emerge as a leading bank among all…show more content…
PUNE Sangati Bhakti, Off Law college Road, Pune - 411 004. 2. UP B/S, Sector 6, Noida, UP – 201 301. 3. BHUBANESHWAR S.R 31, Ashoka Market, Station Square, Bhubaneshwar – 751 001. 4. KOLKATA 3, Chowringhee Approach, Basu House, Kolkata – 700 072. COMPETATOR INFORMATION 1. SBI. 2. Union Bank of India. 3. Axis Bank. 4. ICICI Bank. 5. Federal Bank. 6. India Bank. 7. IDBI. WORK FLOW MODEL The work flow model of Karnataka bank Limited is Process map deposit PROCESS MAP ADVANCES ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE SKILL :- Skill refers to the fact that the employees have the skill needed to carry out the companies strategies. Skillful employees are the assets of the organization. Skills of employees may be improved by giving necessary training to the. The bank believes that skillful employees contribute to the success of the bank. STRATEGY

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