Father Figures In The Kite Runner

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In the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, fathers and father figures have a plethora of qualities, both positive and negative, that make it difficult to decipher who is the best paternal figure. While Rahim Khan is a strong front runner, the best father is Hassan because of his dedication to Sohrab. Rahim Khan was a satisfying father figure, evident in how he defended Amir against Baba and provided the care and attention Amir craved due to Baba’s lack of interest. Despite his tenderness, Rahim Khan helped Baba lie about Hassan’s illegitimacy and also about the Caldwells being in Pakistan to adopt Sohrab after Amir had retrieved him. “‘There never was a John and Betty Caldwell in Peshawar’” (308). Hassan on the other hand, is a phenomenal

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