Kite Runner Memory Theme

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Memories and dreams define who we were, are, and who we wish to become. We keep them in our minds for years to come, and they provide a sacred part of our lives that only we know the feeling of. Amir’s memories and dream in The Kite Runner help to slow the passage of time as Amir tries to shut out the horrific event happening at this time-Hassan’s Rape. Hosseni ingeniously inserts Amir’s memories and dream to convey the themes of brotherhood, betrayal, and truth and lies throughout the passage. The first memory opens with Amir learning that he and Hassan “fed from the same breast” as babies (73). This “motherly” connection they share creates a special bond between them that no one else besides them have. This bond symbolizes their strong sense of brotherhood they have towards each other, even though Amir has always felt of higher rank compared…show more content…
According to Ali, the father figure to Hassan, “there is a brotherhood between people who’ve fed from the same breast” (73). Strong, powerful, and significant: Hosseni creates this type of relationship between Amir and Hassan so that Amir’s betrayal of Hassan is more momentous. In the memory where they see a fortuneteller, betrayal is demonstrated not by Amir, but by the fortuneteller. The fortuneteller sees tragedy in Hassan’s future, but doesn’t tell him: “[t]he old man takes Hassan’s hand and puts the rupia back in Hassan’s palm” (74). By refunding his money instead of telling Hassan of his future, he betrays Hassan’s right to know the truth. Finally, the theme of betrayal is indicated in Amir’s dream when Hassan helps Amir out of the snowstorm; he has “deep, parallel gashes across [his] palm, blood dripping” onto the snow (74). This dream demonstrates that Hassan will do anything for Amir even when he is injured. However, when the roles are switched, Amir betrays Hassan by allowing him to get

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