Betrayal In The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner, a bildungsroman novel written by Khaled Hosseini, explores the maturing of the central protagonist Amir. It mainly surrounds the uncharacteristic friendship between, Amir and Hassan, with elements of loyalty and betrayal. The Zoo Story, written by Edward Albee, is a one act play that involves the meeting of two characters, Peter and Jerry. Peter is a social conformist and a middle classed citizen whilst Jerry is a non-conformist of a lower class. Although Peter is of a higher position in society, in this play, Jerry seems to be the dominant and controlling character. Both Albee and Hosseini present relationships in both texts to be based on social values and differences. The idea of social values is inflicted within family…show more content…
In The Kite Runner, Amir and Hassan do consider themselves as friends, however, the reality is that Ali and Hassan work for Baba and Amir. On the surface, Amir and Hassan could be seen to be the cliché illustration of ‘best friends’, however, it is soon evident that their friendship is weak and the engraving on the pomegranate tree: ‘Sultans of Kabul’ is overrated. Throughout the novel, there are elements of Amir’s betrayal and Hassan’s endless loyalty. Thus, making their relationship complicated. As already discussed, it is later revealed that Amir and Hassan are, in fact, brothers, which is the contradictory that Hosseini presents and adds to the complexity of their friendship. Also, even though they were bought up together both Amir and Hassan’s upbringing was very different and they both held different social values which were reliant on their position in society: ‘And under the same roof, we spoke our first words. Mine was Baba. His was Amir. My Name.’ Amir’s name being the first words of Hassan symbolises Hassan’s immense loyalty towards him, from the very beggining3. In the novel, Hassan is a Hazara, who are considered the lower classed people in Kabul, and Amir is of a higher class and is the heir to a very repute man in society. The novel is also written from the perspective of Amir, the main protagonist, yet, the name of the novel: ‘The Kite Runner’ is named after Hassan. Hosseini may have done this to highlight Hassan’s hidden position in society, as he is in actual fact, the son of Baba

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