A Thousand Splendid Sun And Khaled Hosseini's Compare And Contrast

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Khaled Hosseini’s First two books share a resemblance of each other through their individual differences. Khaled's first book debuted in November of 2003. Khaled's first book immediately set his career off as a writer. His first book was The Kite Runner, which was first sold as a paperback, and went on to become a bestseller while also becoming popular in many book clubs. In 2008, the book was turned into a movie, winning awards such as the BFCA Critics Choice for Best Young Actor. Khaled followed up The Kite Runner book and movie with another book. A Thousand Splendid Suns came out in may 2007 and has some of the same ideals as The Kite Runner, but is from the perspective of a girl. The books use the same motifs such as trees and also has had a bit of its own success. Both books take place in a small town in Afghanistan named Kabul. Amir is the main character in “The Kite Runner” and…show more content…
Both characters Amir and Mariam live with deep regret and are hard on themselves about it. Mariam is hard on herself feeling she is responsible for her mothers death and she isolates herself. Amir feels as if he is responsible for what he let happen to Hassan. Both characters end up isolating themselves because of regret of what they think they caused. Amir gets a lot of toys for his birthday but never really touches them because he can't get the motivation to go outside. What happened in the alley is eating him up on the inside and severely impacts the rest of his childhood. Mariam feels like she pushed her mom to hang herself and she also isolates herself. The main characters in both books lose their mothers. Amir’s mom died when she was giving birth to him. Mariam’s mom also passed and she had to go live with her dad.. The characters both are troubled by their mothers absence. Amir feels he is responsible for his mother's death and Mariam feels she is for her mothers as

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