Kelssie: A Short Story

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Kelssie is my best friend and also my ex. We have a very loving, difficult past. When I need to talk to someone I go to her 99% of the time. She comes to me when she needs to talk to someone. Even though it’s difficult listening to her talk about the guys she likes I do it because that’s what friends do. I know she’d do the same, even if it were hard for her too. We actually dated twice. Both times I broke up with her because she didn’t know what she wanted. When we were dating she constantly talked about her ex, Austin, even though he was a complete d-bag to her. I tried my hardest to treat her right. I bought her stuff just because, even though my family didn’t have the money to spend. Yet, she still ran back to him. It hurt me pretty bad.…show more content…
I remember staying the night at her grandma Honey’s one time and we stayed up all night listening to music and on our phones. We had a pretty good time. I always have fun when I stay the night with Kelssie. I remember going to bed that night at Honey’s at like five in the morning. Kelssie kept trying to get me to stay up a little longer because her cousin or someone was going to be there soon and he was going to take us to get something to eat. Well the next day when I woke up I found out that he got there five minutes after I fell asleep and he would’ve took us if I had been awake. Another time that I remember is the first time I ever stayed the night with her, it was at her grandma Mary’s. We had to share a twin sized bed. Well there was this guy that was trying to talk to us so we acted like we were together. This was before I even knew she was bi. Well we took a picture of us kissing, which we had to do multiple times because we couldn’t get the picture right, so eventually we had her sister take it. We sent it to the boy and he still didn’t believe us. Well she posted it on Instagram and we got like four hundred likes or so. Well, my sister and mom saw it and they got mad, but they got over it. I’ve had my ups and downs with Kelssie but she’s still my best friend and I love…show more content…
Kelssie always goes after guys that aren’t good enough for her. They usually treat her badly. She should know that she deserves better than those boys who treat her wrong. Kelssie’s gorgeous and she deserves someone who would give up the world just to be with her. I hope that one day she will wake up and realize that. She is definitely an amazing person and, she deserves the best. There was this one time that she was upset over a boy named Chase. I wrote her this, “It seems like you are just going through the same thing you did with Austin. You deserve so much better than that. I know it’s hard to do but drop him for a couple days. If he comes back then try to work it out. No one realizes what they have till they lose it. Make him think he lost you. He’ll come running back like a lost puppy, and if he doesn’t then move on because you don’t need a guy like that in your life. You could do so much better, and you deserve it. You deserve a guy who thinks about you every morning when he wakes up and every night before he goes to bed. You deserve to be told that you are beautiful each and every day, every girl does. You deserve a guy that will fight for you; you shouldn’t be the only one fighting to keep it together. He should tell you he loves you every morning and try his damnedest to prove it to you throughout the day. You’re beautiful Kelssie, and you deserve someone who would give up his world just to be with you. Chase

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