Human Involvement In Animal Endangerment

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Human Involvement in animal endangerment Kendall Childers Weatherford College Human involvement in animal endangerment Introduction Animal endangerment is caused by two human involvements and one solution. I am going to inform my audience of the issue and the benefit of human involvement on animal endangerment. I will first review how deforestation and disease affects animal’s health and population that would later lead to animal endangerment. Each animal is essential for survival of ecosystems on earth. Lastly I will discuss how humans can help animals in danger of being endangered. Human involvement that caused animal endangerment Deforestation Deforestation is a serious issue and is a problem for endangered species. Deforestation is a destruction of forests in order to make room for transportation, agriculture, resources, and buildings. Deforestation is going on in Asia where bamboo trees are declining by the numbers and is endangering the pandas in the process. When resources are taken out of the forest the pandas have not only a habitat…show more content…
Most of diseases is caused by too much human interaction. Disease can emerge economical disturbances. Diseases through economical disturbance and change, which occurs naturally at random or by human involvement. Changes caused b economical balance can cause parasites to be created, transmit, and multiply. Human involvement through deforestation changes, climate and water control causes economical disturbance diseases through parasites. Not only are economical changes causes diseases, but unhealthy landscapes have diseases as well. Unhealthy landscapes are landscapes that human involvement uses for agriculture, water control ways, deforestation and other human activities. Unhealthy landscapes bring different types of diseases and infections. Any induced land is mainly a course of infections

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