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The book Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini has been read by millions, and has opened the eyes of many, showing them different perspectives of life in afghan countries. Kite Runner was written by Hosseini when he first immigrated to the United States of America. One of the reasons this book is so successful is the emotion that the author portrays. The storyline is beautiful, yet heartbreaking all in one. There is Feminist undertone to this book, and it’s a large theme. It may not be as profound as some of the other themes expressed, but the feminist issue presented cannot go unnoticed. The disrespect and overall disgust shown towards women is present right in the beginning of this book, when drunk men started yelling whorid and foul words about…show more content…
That's one of the reasons that Amir was so emotionally unstable and broken throughout his childhood. Because he grew up without a mother, he never knew that it was okay to have feelings, let alone taught how to cope with his emotions. He only knew that he was expected to be strong, powerful, and successful like his father. Baba had never even seen him cry in all of the years of him growing up. While Amir was in his room silently crying almost every night, wondering if his father ever even loved him. For the most part the women in kite runner are portrayed as useless. Women are rarely involved or even mentioned in the book at all. When it does mention women, it's for reasons that make women look like they are of lesser value. Like how when Baba and Amir were leaving Kabul and that guard just had to pick that women, whom he tried to rape as a payment of some sort. There was absolutely no reason for him to do it, but he felt that it was okay because she was just a helpless woman. Thankfully baba stepped up and defended the girl. That part of the book shows how men can easily take advantage of women, and there aren't many people like baba who would stick up for a women they don't know. Sexual abuse was a regular thing in countries like Kabul, and it was kind of an unspoken…show more content…
Women are seen as small and willing, they're never supposed to do anything more besides be a good housewife and mother to her children and husband. Men on the other hand are supposed to be strong and successful, also a man can't do wrong by anyone. The role of a man is to protect himself and others. But most importantly they are never to show any sign weakness, for that is the ultimate burden. Women in Afghanistan are quite quiet and submissive. A good example of this would be Soraya, because in the beginning when she first met Amir, she barely said a word. But that was normal and common for women to act that way. In their culture men are the ones who are supposed to do the talking, and they are the ones who actually get to interact with other people. their first encounter with each other was very formal, and the only talking that happened between the two was when there was a parent

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