Fashion In Society: The Effects Of Fashion On Teens

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From wearing a long floral T-shirt dress at Coachella, to a Batman costume to prom, nineteen-year-old, Jaden Smith, is known for his creativity when it comes fashion. He sees it as a form of expression, not something people do to be accepted into society. 2 He once modeled a skirt for Louis Vuitton and received lots of backlash from doing so. Even his dad, Will Smith, told him, “You cannot wear a skirt,” but nothing stopped the young adult from changing. He continued to model more feminine clothing. While fashion might be a way for teenagers to express themselves, it can be a distraction, cause low self-esteem and bullying. What you wear is a huge part of your identity. There’s a whole bunch of styles of clothing that mean many different…show more content…
Specifically, eighth grade student, Elizabeth Rodrigues, 13, wearing a cozy sweater, some leggings and sneakers, said, “I always feel comfortable in what I’m wearing because like it kind of represents me, and like how laid-back I am.” At the same time, fashion can negatively impact teens. It can be a huge distraction. Author Rida Hameed of “The Effects of Fashion on Teenagers” from Voice of Journalists claimed that it distracts them from their studies. Instead of working on homework or studying for the test they have they are too busy looking at the latest trends or looking for what they saw Jaden Smith wearing the other day on his latest Instagram post. Not only are they too “busy” looking for these items, they are also stressing about where and how they are going to get the money to buy such expensive items. In addition to the statement made previously, people she further argued that teens nowadays don’t want to be scientists, doctors, engineers or teachers anymore. They want to work in the so called “glamour…show more content…
In addition to that, the fashion industry is drowning these kids in unrealistic body standards. Making themselves feel self-conscious about their body. This can lead to unhealthy and extreme eating disorders and depression. They can also completely change their style of clothing to something loose or baggy, making them hide their body figure that they were once so proud of. According to the overall staff at Newport Academy, the article “The Impact of Fashion on Teen Body Image and Mental Health,” on their website it states, “Comparing yourself to what you see in the media can also negatively impact body image, which is closely associated with fashion choices.” When comparing yourself to others, that can hurt you or someone else’s self-esteem. Wearing more empowering clothes instead of laidback outfits can lead to a more positive mindset and

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