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It is common to see riots on the television screen that picture angry, almost animal-like, people protesting against discrimination. It is so prevalent these days that it does not seem to faze most Americans and they have just assumed it as a normal part of everyday life. There are some people in this world who state that they are in favor of equality and against discrimination, and the irony is that they turn around and do not hire a person of a certain race or religion. It is truly amazing that another civil war has not begun due to the definition of equality and discrimination. A common place where such discrimination manifests is in the crumby parts of town, where more families struggle to put food on the table each night. These hardships are often seen…show more content…
Throughout the book, readers discover a few of the negative effects of discrimination based on social-class such as unfair treatment from an authority figure and an overall decrease of moral…show more content…
It presents a small number of negative effects of the intolerance of people of different social standings. The youth of the town are abandoned and left to care for themselves. This has severe consequences such as volatile behavior and an overall mistrust of others. It is saddening to see young people with such potential be thrown aside just because people have dollar signs in their eyes. Most people are motivated by greed and a self-centered soul, but these children grow up alone with no one to lend a guiding hand. They are held in low regards because of the fact that their wallet is not as full as the person next to them is. When did Americans become so money hungry? Why do Americans have a gravitational pull towards self-preservation and not selflessness? If someone had been a role model to these children who were left behind, maybe the world’s wounds would not be so

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