Essay On Drug Abuse In School

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A School is considered as a home away from home for most of the adolescents which is one of the reasons why school plays a major role in educating students about drug and alcohol abuse, prevention and early recognition. Moreover, not only this education help these students to stay away from drug abuse, but serve as source of information about drugs for those who are already addicted to drugs or the ones going through emotional trauma. Ominously high amounts of illegal drug use remain a problem among Indian students besides so many efforts collectively made by family, society, schools and government. Illegal drugs for minors such as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco epitomizes as even more serious problem than drugs like marijuana, cocaine etc. Furthermore, the drug abuse among…show more content…
Parents can help children understand and accept that there is difference between what is appropriate and legal. Somehow, parents should be blamed for drug addiction in children in circumstances of parental neglect and poverty. In addition, youngsters start to take drugs to avoid pain of poverty. Poverty is one of the causes which are responsible for drug addiction in youngsters. In many homes growing boys and girls do not get money, love and care to fulfill their needs. Often both the father and the mother are separated and consequently do not have enough many to give or look after their children’s needs. The result is that adolescent in such homes feel lonely, neglected and frustrated. Deprived totally of parental love and money, and they seek consolation elsewhere such as drugs. The drug sellers fully exploit them. Drugs are in the beginning to them quite cheaply, but the prices goes up as this habit takes hold of them and they can no longer do without drugs. Therefore, parents should be responsible for drug addiction when children use drugs due to parental neglect or poverty. The parents should get involved to children’s
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