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Abstract: Libraries hold a special position in the development of a society. The objective for training of Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals is to promote library, to educate, to articulate and provide for the need of the clientele to increase productivity and economy of the society. The process of developing competent library and information science professionals is directly related to the quality of LIS education imparted to these professionals. In the networked environment there is a strong need for continuing professional education and training. LIS education and training for LIS students and professionals has become crucial for meeting the challenges of 21st century. Besides many universities and institutes, library associations…show more content…
To discuss about various library associations in India ii. To depict the functions of library associations in India in LIS education. iii. To know how much they are active in playing role in LIS education by organizing seminar, conference, workshop, training programme etc. 3. Limitation of the study: From earlier to now-a-days a large number of library associations have emerged in India. There are many library associations at various levels (eg. national level, state level etc.) and at various groups (eg. school librarians association, college librarians association, public library association, special library association etc.). If we collect the information related to their role in LIS education exhaustively, we should study their publications thoroughly. But it is laborious and time consuming. This study is done by collecting information from the websites of some renouned library associations. By studying the websites it is observed that, all the information related to LIS education is not present. Therefore in this study all information is not provided in every respect. 4. Library Associations in India: In India there are a large number of library associations from national to state level. Some of these are mentioned below year…show more content…
Courses offered by library associations: In India although the formal library and information science courses are offered by different universities and institutions however, short term training courses are offered by some library associations. Among these associations, some of them are still continuing their courses and some discontinued their courses. These courses help to be skilled persons for library technical work. Some of these library associations that offered this type of short term training courses are discussed below - 6.1. Andhra Desa Library Association: Andhra Desa Library Association course was started in 1920 and was the first library training course started by a library association. The course was of one month duration. The course was more oriented to the education of social workers than to that of librarians. In 1934 the syllabus of the course was modified to include more subjects on library work. 6.2. Madras Library Association: It conducted an annual summer course in Librarianship in 1929 and 1930. In 1931 this program was taken over by Madras University and was conducted as a certificate course for three months

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