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A controversial issue in Great Britain during the nineteen seventies was the punk rock movement. Punk rock was also known as new wave; however that was much more common in America. Punk rock first took off in 1975, from inspirations such as The Velvet Underground, Iggy (and the stooges) and early David Bowie. Punk Rock developed a large following of young adults and teens who would live by the punk 'regime'; however many considered it disruptive. Personally I think punk rock to have been a passing phase for many, but in reality it changed a lot of people’s point of view. As rebellious and anti-establishment as punk may have been, there were many good things to come out of the trend, for example, the movement opened up doors for people other than people of the middle class (and above) to make a change in Britain, as in this time the working class were overlooked. In the seventies there was mass unemployment in Britain especially in cities down south. In 1977, according to a report by the central statistics office UK, 1,450,100 people were unemployed. Most people worked in factories and had small homes, usually in impoverished conditions.…show more content…
Sexual ambiguity had never been so common in everyday life. This quote was taken from a report on the association for consumer research 'the punk rock era that followed was possibly more androgynous with the obligatory bondage trousers worn by both males and females, spiked hair, dog collars and the collective coherence to the wearing of black' this shows how similar every 'punk' looked non-dependent on their sexuality. They didn’t want to be looked at and someone think they were male or female, just a

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