Media's Influence Of Body Image Of Teenage Girls

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For decades, media has promoted the ideal body of a female to be tall, thin, and curvy in all the right places, setting an unrealistic expectation for young girls in the Western society. Subliminal messaging appears in the media as magazines Photoshop their models to achieve this look. Consequently, this created a demographic of insecure teenage girls, leading to the peak popularity of eating disorders in “the early 1990s and has begun to decrease since that time” (Cutler). Fortunately, through the convenience of the internet, people are becoming more informed about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle, contrastingly viewing the physical results as a small fraction of the benefits. While typically people note media’s influence of body image as having innumerable negative effects, it has guided teenagers and young adults of the Millennial generation towards living a healthy lifestyle.…show more content…
In contrast of previous generations who have also had their share of health fads, the Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health and Wellness Survey of 30,000 people show that of all demographics from Generation Z to Baby Boomers, “88% […] are willing to pay more for healthier foods, including those that are GMO-free, have no artificial colouring and flavours, and claim to be all natural” (Gagliardi). Health and wellness have become a central focus for consumers as they demand the clarity of nutritional facts from companies, becoming more educated about the role nutrition plays in good

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