Advantages And Disadvantages Of Co2-New Energy

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REDUCTION OF CARBON DIOXIDE - NEW TECHNOLOGIES INTRODUCTION: The global warming is a result of more amount of co2 is released from many ways. This co2 is affecting the nature of environment. One of the main global challenges in the year to come is therefore reduce the co2 emission. Greenhouse gas is nothing like H2 or N2 gas. Greenhouse gas is a mixture of many gases. This GHG is necessary to reduce because there are affecting natures of environment, activity of human life. The physical and chemical reactions such as nitrogen, oxygen, and argon are not greenhouse gases. This because molecules containing two atoms of molecules such as Ar have no net change in their dipole…show more content…
It can be decreasing carbon dioxide emissions (Gasoline, oil, coal). 2) Reduced carbon energy sources To reduced carbon dioxide emissions there is another way to use reduced carbon sources of energy. Energy sources are solar power, wend power, geotharmal energy, low heat hydropower, hydrokinetics includes in carbon-free energy sources. Alternately to reduce-carbon fuel such as natural gas switching from high-carbonfuel the coal and oil, well also result to reduce corbon dioxide emissions. Extent fuel biomass energy is known as carbon- free or reduced carbon fuels depend on the use of type of biomass and the process which converted to energy. 3) Carbon capture and sequestration of carbon After combustion, section discuses the reduction of net carbon emissions by sequestering co2 decarbonizing fuel before combustion. Continued use of fossil fuels as energy sources with the reduced impact of atmospheric co2 are required for these approaches and for stabilization of atmospheric co2 concentration would require port folios of greenhouse gas reduction. It requires system level analysis for approaches there are a number of technological options such as biological absorption of co2 from the

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