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Makeup in the performing arts, movie, or television, one of the materials used by the perpetrators for cosmetic purposes and as an aid in taking the appropriate appearance of the character they are playing. In Greek and Roman theater using actors' masks precludes the need for makeup. In medieval Europe the religious drama, the actor playing God or Christ painted their faces white or sometimes gold, while the angel face bright red. During the Renaissance, a popular character in the French farce wearing a fake beard from the wool of sheep and whitened their faces with flour. It is known that at the stage of Elizabethan England, the actor playing the ghost and killer powder their faces with chalk and that they appear as black and Moor were blackened with soot or burnt cork. Little effort is made to achieve historical accuracy either makeup or costumes until the early 19th century. Lighting early stage, are provided first with wax and then by oil lamps, dim and ineffective; Consequently, roughness in makeup pass unnoticed. With the introduction of gas,…show more content…
Makeup restore these colors and define facial features to ensure a natural appearance. It also helps players to see and feel part, consideration is helpful in the interpretation of the character. A theatrical makeup kit typically includes basic makeup color, rouges, liners colored highlights to shadows and effects, eye makeup and false eyelashes, various cleaners, powder and powder puff, putties to make prosthetic features, adhesive, wigs and facial hair ornaments or mohair to build them. Latex can be worked into the skin to create the illusion of aging or disability. Art stage makeup has become so complex that most of the theater company employs professional makeup artist who create and apply makeup that is suitable for a variety of roles the
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