Sleep Deprived Case Study

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1. Should organizations be concerned about their employees being sleep-deprived? What factors influencing sleep might be more or less under the control of an organization? Sleep plays a crucial role in our physical strength and health. It is important for life, but we frequently intentionally or unintentionally deprive ourselves to get enough of it. In fact, we receive medical care for a sickness or injury but fail to achieve the cure for a sleep disorder. An organization or company should definitely be concerned when they find out that some of their employees are being sleep deprived while working because sleep deprivation can affect the company performance in many aspects, also if the company is pressuring every employee to work excessive hours, causing the sleep deprivation, then they should definitely be concerned and take a responsibility for it. Studies in business company prove that poor sleep among the employees can increase the risk of the companies directly to lost its productivity, endangered physical or emotional health, weakened cognition, accident rates, and increase absences among their employees, also indirectly such factors as bad morale, bad social connections, and bankruptcy.…show more content…
Researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston examined more than 10,000 people in the U.S. discovered that lacking of sleep or insomnia is the reason for more than 200,000 accidents and failures in workplace every year, figuring up to $30 billion cost. Therefore, every company should put attention to their employees' sleep deprivation problem and be aware that good sleep is needed for everyone to work as they supposed to because it can effect their health and the

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