Essay About Stress In College Students

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Discussion The described studies show that the levels of stress experienced by college students can be regulated by applying appropriate coping strategies, having a feeling of being in control, self-efficacy, having a general optimistic outlook, and also by exercising regularly. These coping skills can be learned, as can be seen in the study of Steinhardt and Dolbier (2008), where the feelings of stress in the college students diminished after a training of only four weeks. Thus, besides exercising, teaching students the right coping skills seems a promising way to help the students deal with their stress. In the past I have had quite some problems with stress and how to best deal with this stress. When I first came to University College Roosevelt (UCR), I was very overwhelmed by all the changes I had to experience. Even the small things, such as having to cook dinner for myself, could make me feel very stressed. Above all I was very worried about the workload that comes with studying at an university. At a certain point it was so bad that I did not enjoy studying anymore, and decided that I had to do something about it. At first I tried some mindfulness…show more content…
Therefore, it is important that students are taught to properly deal with stress. One way that has shown to be effective is by teaching the students appropriate coping skills. For example, problem-focused coping has shown to be more effective than avoidant coping. Indeed, this is something I have also experienced myself during my time at UCR. Next to that, I think it is also important that physical exercise is promoted as well, as that also has shown to be beneficial in relieving stress. Moreover, exercising may be a way to promote problem-focused coping by evoking positive emotions. Together, exercising and problem-focused coping are a step towards good mental
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