What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pacemaker

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NAME: KARL EVAN R. PAMA DATE: 03-15-17 COURSE/ YEAR: BSED- PHYSCI 2 RATING: ARTIFICIAL CARDIAC PACEMAKERS Introduction One of the great marvels of modern science in the past fifty years is the invention of a small electric simulation that helps regulate heartbeat known as pacemaker. A pacemaker helps the body acquire blood and oxygen necessary to sustain life. It is curved below the skin on the chest, under the collarbone up to the heart. Presently, there are about three million (3,000,000) people worldwide that is implanted with pacemaker. Additionally, six hundred thousand (600,000) people are implanted with pacemakers each year. Most patients with pacemakers are aged 60 years or older. However, people of any age, even children,…show more content…
Though external, it has internally implanted leads in which the primary use is to control bradycardia during anaesthesia. The internal electrodes of this type of pacemaker are fed through a vein to the heart. Also, there are electrodes connected to the myocardium during procedures that involve open-heart surgery. On the other hand, Implantable Pacemakers contain battery, electronic circuitry, and electrode wires connected within hermetically sealed cases which are implanted to the chest or abdomen (Dondelinger, 2007). How is Cardiac Pacemaker Technology related to Electricity and /or Magnetism? Cardiac Pacemaker is mainly the application of the union of biology and electricity – bioelectricity. The concept of bioelectricity was first established around 1791 when Luigi Galvani – who later became known as the father of bioelectricity – reported his discovery. He found out that when electrical current was applied across the heart of a dead frog, there was a myocardial contraction that caused the legs of the frogs to twitch. A pacemaker is consisting of a battery, a computerized generator, and wires with electrodes as sensors. So it can also be considered as a circuit. The battery is the source of electromotive force that powers the pulse generator, and both are surrounded by a thin metal box. Further, the wires connect the generator to the

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