Evolution Of Policing

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The Evolution of Policing Policing has always been a complex job and figuring out the best functions and tactics to be used in society is not an easy task. Policing began as a political function where the duty of the officers was to remain loyal to their political party. To ensure that citizens were well taken care of providing social services such as soup kitchens and shelters for immigrants who have just arrived. Policing primary function was not crime control and prevention during this era it was to make sure the political party which hired them remained in office by encouraging citizens to vote for them. The Reform era was created on the basis of removing all politics from policing and focusing on crime control and criminal apprehension…show more content…
During this era crime control and the arrests of criminals were the primary concern. Policing became Law enforcement no longer focusing on social work and emergency medical services it was strictly enforcing the law and anticrime. According to Kelling and Moore police reformers adopted the classical theory of Administration which was theorized to be effective in increasing productivity by assigning workers tasks in which they are highly skilled (Kelling and Moore, 1988). This lead to the creation of special units such as vice, narcotics units placing qualified officers in these positions instead of assigning all operations to patrol…show more content…
In this problem-solving strategy compared to the reform, era focuses on marketing police as an organization which will fit the needs and problems of the community to diagnose the issues and determines possible solutions. It is not thoroughly focused on crime control but on how to adapt to the needs and wants of the community to further strengthen the police-citizen connection. Tactics utilized by police today include Foot patrol in communities which brings a set of security to communities. Information gathering which is easier to acquire if police have built a strong connection with the communities they patrol. Victim counseling is also emphasized which shows police have a strong connection with the community instead of focusing solely on criminal apprehension. Organizing community consultations ensures the needs and issues the police have promised to uphold have been met. A rapid response to emergency calls also ensures the productivity and efficiency of the

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