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Policing as we know it has evolved over centuries with the development of different stages of policing. It is important to examine the history of policing in order to understand how it has progressed and changed over time. Changes to the purpose, duties, and structure of police organizations have allowed this profession to evolve from ineffective watch groups to police organizations that incor¬porate advanced technology and problem solving strategies into their daily operations. This paper is an attempt to give an historical account of policing while highlighting the roles of the significant contributors to the development of policing in England and the United States of America. In England there were the informal, transitional and formal periods of policing where three names are generally associated with the development of the first modern police force ; Henry Fielding, Patrick Colquhoun, and Sir Robert…show more content…
According to Birzer, Bayens, and Roberson the vigils were preconceived by many to be the first civil police force, (P.5) while in 510 BC, the Romans established the Praetorian Guard considered by some to be the first police force whose main function involved the protection of the Emperor and palace. (Grant and Terry). In the fifth century B.C. The earliest specialized investigative unit called questors or trackers of murderers was established (Birzer, Bayens and Roberson 2007), Though one of the earliest reported efforts of policing, was in the sixth century BC where unpaid magistrates in Athens were given the authority to adjudicate cases brought before them by the citizens; who would form themselves into watch groups in order to protect the towns. (Birzer, Bayens, and Roberson. p.5.) This watch system continued to be a feature in urban life up until the development of modern policing some six centuries

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