Reflection About Dream Reflection

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After enlisting into the Army I was able to gain a new sense of dreaming, or maybe the best word to use would the different caliber or echelon of dreaming. As a private I remember being yelled at, doing a lot of push-ups, then for some reason dreaming about getting yelled at and doing a lot of push-ups. Now after multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I am like most service members who suppress their ability to dream with the help of over-the-counter medication. Removing the ability to dream reduces the chances of remembering a horrible past event or thinking about a loved one who you cannot reach out and touch. Dream reflection has been a scientific diagnostic barometer ever since the “Father of Psychology” Dr. Freud began using…show more content…
Being the new father to my second son, Noah, I still get up every three to four hours to help with feedings and changing diapers. My wife agreed to help me remember my dreams by asking me everything I got up, “What did you dream about?” I hoped this would help me instantly reflect on my sleep and provide some data for this assignments journal. Having never completed such an exercise, I went into this assignment rather optimistic, but shortly into trying to remember my dreams, I was reminded of how much I do not like dreaming. The dream journal starts with two nights with zero entries because all I could remember was the last thing I thought about before sleeping and then waking up to put the bottle in the warmer. The third night was the first time I could remember anything about my dream and the entirety of the memory was about the Chesapeake Bay tunnel and driving through such a narrow corridor towing a twenty-nine foot travel trailer back in early November. My wife asked me what I though it meant, I simply replied I was remembering driving with white knuckles as there was less than a foot of error on either side of my truck with on-coming traffic. The following night we watching the movie, “Home Alone,” and I wrote down dreaming of the funny aspects of that movie, but when I tried to place some instant analysis to the dream I started think of obscure objects I still needed to load into the truck and getting mildly angry as the ever growing lack of space already. There were no entries the night of the drive down mainly since I drove ten hours south and barely remember getting the camper all opened up prior to my kids needing to get to sleep. The close of the first week had several small dreams I wrote down, but not in any particular order. The first full day in Virginia, my brother’s family mine began
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