How Did Robert Peel End Up Implementing Community Oriented Policing

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The Beginning of Police Forces Sir Robert Peel pioneered the idea of having citizens police as a job, he ensured the passing of The Metropolitan Police Act in 1829 and begun modern policing. The birth of the London Metropolitan Police happened right after which saw that ordinary citizens could serve as local marshals and ensure that there was order by interacting with the neighborhoods they were serving. He set up 6 principles that have helped serve in community policing to date, they emphasized the interdependency of the police and the communities they served coupled with the prevention of crime and disorder. London was on the right path to community policing however in the United States things were turning out in a different way. It took the US 3 eras of policing to end up implementing community oriented policing. History of policing in the United States…show more content…
As the small communities grew into cities, they decided to begin separate paid watches where the citizens that watched over the cities would be paid by the communities; this paved the way for actual police forces to be formed. Philadelphia became the first city to have separate paid watches for both the night and day watches. Boston then followed with a police force of six paid officers however it was New York that had the first ever police department with a chief in 1844. In 1857 there were 7 established police departments in different parts of the US based on Sir Robert Peel’s London Metropolitan Police model. The police force was tremendously ineffective at this point because it consisted of corrupt men who would do as they pleased whenever they pleased. The evolution of policing in the US as a whole can be put into 3 main eras, the Political era, the Reform era and the Community

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