Police Militarization Research Paper

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Since it’s creation in 1838, American police officers have pledged to protect and serve their communities, the term cop itself being an acronym for community oriented policing. However, the police’s pledge and their mission have been abandoned in recent years. Starting in the early 60s, with media hype over the military during the Cold War, police departments began to militarize. The police’s inspiration can be seen in the stockpile retired combat equipment, shift towards proaggressive procedures, and in their use of paramilitary units. These new developments show homeland security has taken the forefront when it comes to the focus of American police. The fear of terrorism, after the collapse of the Twin Towers, sparked even more militarization as a means to…show more content…
Although globalization and the war on terror are reasonable concerns for safety, militarization has turned the police into an army operating against the people, and more effort needs to be put into reversing militarization before the damage is irreversible. Militarization is the process of police adapting aspects of the military into routine procedures. This can be tracked through both the physical and political changes that happen within police departments. Over the past few years, the media has highlighted the issue of physical militarization on multiple occasions. News footage of drones, tanks, and paramilitary units used by the police have stirred up much concern. As a result, the public is crying out for action against the excessive force used by police departments with this equipment. In spring of 2015, the Obama Administration created a team of researchers and began to put efforts towards

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