How To Stop Policing Girls Summary

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Over the past 50 years, our sense of style has evolved tremendously. With the evolution of fashion has come dress codes and what this society thinks is appropriate clothing choices. This article definitely showed how women need to stop feeling degraded by other people, equality between women and men, and also how us women should have a voice in what we want to wear. This article by Stephanie Hepburn entitled “How to Stop Policing Girls” mainly focused on how girls and women are policed for the clothing choices they make. The writer gave many examples of how girls and women were policed in their everyday work or school area. In the article, it also showed how girls are taught about making the right clothing choices and know boys don’t need to be taught about the right clothing choices. The article says how girls are distracting the boys in school, but the boys aren’t…show more content…
In the article, it stated how one school made young girls sit in a classroom and have an adult talk to them about inappropriate clothing. While the girls were inside being taught about dress codes and how not to distract a boy by what they wear, the boys got to go outside and play on the playground. The people teaching the girls basically were telling them it’s their fault because of what they are wearing, but maybe the real problem are the boys. The author also stated how she was sitting in the library doing homework wearing jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. A male teacher came up to her and told her to close her legs and that she was inappropriate. It was definitely the male who was thinking inappropriately, and all she was doing was homework. Maybe men and boys are the one that should have a class on how to control themselves in class. This generation needs to make sure boys and girls, women and men are all being treated equally. This is one example of how women and girls are treated differently and not equal to the men

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